The Vaccination Debate

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We now have an hysterical news cycle highlighting the measles “epidemic” and converting it into the “necessity to vaccinate all children.” There are several huge problems with what’s going on.

First of all, 100 cases do not an epidemic make. 1,000 maybe; but even then it can only be considered a “mini-epidemic.” However, there has been increasing hysteria about public risk, starting with the Ebola non-event. Now, we have involved “the children,” which ramps up the decibels considerably.

What is never mentioned is that our vaccination policy has seriously shifted the demographics of measles. It used to be a mild, self-limiting childhood disease, which actually helped the child’s immune system to mature. Furthermore, young women contracting measles acquired lifelong immunity, which they could pass on to their newborn infants in their breast milk. Vaccination doesn’t work that way. Now, vaccinated young women cannot pass immunity to their newborn infants, placing the most susceptible among us at the greatest risk. Infants can’t be given the measles vaccine until they are 12 months of age. However, it is precisely that age group (<12 months old) that has the most serious complications from measles, including life-threatening encephalitis. Daycare centers only increase their risk of exposure, particularly if some of the children are older and have been vaccinated. There are many reported cases of transmission via the vaccine. If their mothers had contracted measles in childhood, they would not be at risk at all. Yet, our medical establishment continues to push vaccines as a solution to a problem they created.

Another problem from my point of view is that the debate has focused on autism, claiming the science is settled. My first objection to this is that autism is not the most serious side effect of vaccines. Serious brain damage, including cerebral palsy and vegetative states are by far more devastating. There is no mention of this, except by Senator Rand, although he wasn’t specific enough.

The most convincing evidence concerning the danger of childhood vaccines is the federal program for compensating victims of vaccination. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was established in 1986 when pharmaceutical companies threatened to stop providing vaccines due to liability. In 2002 one girl was awarded $4.7 million to pay for her on-going care. The last I had heard was that the fund was bankrupt and there were 4,000 cases in the pipeline. I couldn’t discover the current status on line.

The reason I designate this fund as the “most convincing” evidence of the danger of vaccine is that pediatricians rarely see a vaccine as the proximate cause of a child’s disability. They look for any other possible explanation, minimizing the impact of the vaccine. Some pediatricians actually recommend you give your child Tylenol after vaccination to quell any fever, one of the primary indicators that the child is having an adverse reaction. Worse, the Tylenol doesn’t cure anything; it simply masks the symptoms. I believe the cause is clearly financial; vaccination schedules are the lifeblood of pediatric practices.

Furthermore, to my knowledge no one has ever refuted Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s findings of the vaccine DNA in the lymphatic patches of autistic children. He has been denounced for financial conflict of interest – parents’ groups paid for his research, because no drug company would fund his work – and for subjecting children to unnecessary colonoscopies – he needed samples and how else was he to obtain them? He also attempted to develop a safer version of the vaccine and this, too, was considered an ethical conflict of interest. I personally believe that Dr. Wakefield was very brave to put his career on the line to try to solve this dilemma. He has lost his medical license and can no longer practice in Britain.

Over and over again, I have read and heard the statement that the science is indisputable – there is no connection between the vaccine and autism. This is an assertion coming from medical doctors and the media under the influence of WebMD and other purveyors of medical “information.” It is often nothing more than drug company propaganda, since pharmaceutical houses are among their largest funding sources. In the case of WebMD, drug company advertising is their only source.

Furthermore, there is more going on behind the scenes:

  1. The strain of measles in the Disneyland outbreak is from the Middle East, not America.
  2. There were several vaccinated individuals who contracted measles at Disneyland.
  3. There is now an allegation that vaccination has been turned into a political “talking point” by the Democratic Party to gin up another phony issue against those of us who are politically conservative. I can’t speak to this last point; I just know it is dangerous when our parental rights are kicked into the political arena. You may not know that Arkansas, under Bill Clinton, was the first state in the Union to make childhood vaccines mandatory. One of my instructors, Dr. R. Michael Cessna, lived there at the time. He was forced to vaccinate his last child, and she is the only one of his four children to develop asthma and a host of allergies. He believed it was directly attributable to the vaccine.
  4. It has been reported that the recent wave of undocumented and unvaccinated children crossing our southern border in response to President Obama’s edict on immigration have not been medically screened. Furthermore, the federal government has mandated that these children must be enrolled in public schools across the nation. These actions are in direct contravention of the CDC guidelines.

My final comment on all of this is purely personal, so that you can know where I am coming from. I have serious doubts about the safety of any vaccine. I have covered several of my concerns in previous blogs. Let me just list a few of my most serious doubts:

  1. I have seen a huge increase in shingles cases in my practice since the introduction of the shingles vaccine. It is a live virus vaccine, much like the polio vaccine that was quietly taken off the market in the late 1990s, because all of the polio cases in the U.S. were attributable to the vaccine. (My nephew being one of the victims.)
  2. There is no telling what is in any given batch of vaccine. Although the issue is controversial, I have read enough on the topic to be quite certain that HIV arose as a result of viruses recombining in cell culture while the vaccine for Hepatitis B was being produced. If you map the epidemiology of HIV, you will find that it exactly follows the path of Hepatitis B vaccine – here in America in the gay community, and across Africa, as well. I am not claiming that there was a plot to eradicate certain people. I am saying that human scientists are overly confident of their ability to control viral recombinant genetics. Another horrific example of unintended consequences.
  3. Lastly, there are studies (which the CDC discounts) that 5 influenza vaccines in 10 years result in a 9-fold increase in Alzheimer’s disease. I am simply not willing to take that risk. The belief is that the thimerasol (organic mercury) is the problem; yet, the most common version of the vaccine being administered contains thimerasol. Only single-dose vials do not, and most pharmacies and doctor’s offices use multi-dose vials due to expense.

The decision to vaccinate or not should remain a personal decision, with no government involvement of any kind. Once we lose our freedom to make our own health decisions, who knows what will be next.

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