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At the last MediHerb conference, the subject of resetting your sleep cycle came up. Since Dr. Bone and his associates travel to the U.S. from Australia, they are seriously jet-lagged. Dr. Bone shared with us his technique for being able to sleep and lecture.

First, some important background about what a normal sleep cycle looks like and why achieving deep sleep is so important. The following is a normal sleep cycle:


What is important about this graph is that the only time the lymphatic drainage in your brain opens up is at the deep points of the graph. Not sleeping long enough for deep sleep to kick in prevents your brain from detoxing. The result: dementia. So you see, this is more than a casual conversation.

There are several types of insomnia; this protocol is designed specifically for sleep maintenance insomnia, where you wake up several times a night and have trouble getting back to sleep. Difficulty falling asleep can be helped, as well. However, you need to institute good sleep hygiene as well. Establish a regular bed time; disconnect from your electronic devices two hours or so before going to bed; and keep your bedroom a quiet sanctuary where the only thing you do is sleep. Also, make sure you have a dark bedroom, without ambient light (example: bright green or blue lights on electronic devices).

The herbal way to reset your sleep cycle is by using Chaste Tree (ordinary dose one, three times per day). When Dr. Bone travels here from Australia, he takes up to six per day. Then, about 20 to 30 minutes before going to bed, take two Kava Forte to relax your skeletal muscles and your brain. This allows you to rest in deep sleep.

Be patient: With chronic issues, it can take as much as three weeks for the full effect to kick in.

An interesting side note to this prescription is that Kava Forte is the specific for restless leg syndrome. I have suffered from this for years, intermittently. It had gotten so bad that a good friend wrote me a prescription for Requip to deal with it. Honestly, the Rx didn’t work very well at all. After I went to the MediHerb seminar on Saturday, I didn’t sleep all night because of restless legs. I took the prescription without any success. Well, Sunday morning, in the discussion regarding Kava, it was pointed out that it is excellent for relaxing skeletal muscle. My legs were still terrible, so at the first break I went back to see if there were any samples of Kava Forte available. Unfortunately, all of the sample bottles were empty. I asked several of the reps, and it turned out that one of them had two tablets left. The last two in the whole place! Thankfully, they gifted me with them, and within ten minutes all of the discomfort and tension in my legs was gone! Fortunately, the friends I was staying with had just ordered Kava, so I was able to borrow the bottle and use it during the rest of my trip. Believe me, I will never use the Rx again. No need! The Kava has completely resolved my leg issues.

So, if you suffer from disturbed sleep and/or restless leg syndrome, I strongly recommend you try these protocols. For insomnia: Kava Forte and Chaste Tree. For restless leg syndrome: Kava Forte alone, just before bed. I, of course, can order these items for you, and I would love to hear from you re your success.


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